A Letter To My Bride On Our Wedding Day

My dear Bailey, 

Holy crap, I marry you today!

A lot of brides and grooms will write letters to one another the day of their wedding. So I chose to do mine in the form of a blog post. Ok, so maybe I can type a lot faster than hand writing a letter.. Regardless! These are some thoughts as the hour of our covenant draws near.

Today’s the day. Chaos has ensued and I am trying to avoid it all! I’m tired of the wedding planning and the I-didn’t-know-I-was-responsible-for-that surprises. I can honestly say I haven’t been enjoying much of the wedding planning recently. It’s been the marriage planning that has gotten me excited. 

I love talking about our lives afterwards, how before long we will be making a new normal in a new home. It gives me great joy to think about coming home to you after work. And though I love this, it’s the reading​ of marriage books together and talking about how we’ll communicate effectively that makes this different. 

Bailey, I love your heart. How you love the Lord and seek to follow him with your life. How you interact with people and truly show God’s love in how you treat them. I love your giggle but I love it best when I make it come out. You’re so thoughtful, mature and humble in your normal life. You are a true treasure! 

I hear the whole “Holy cow, why not get married after you get settled as an adult and know who you are?” argument but there’s another whole side of this that I can’t help but argue. Why not do settling and knowing ourselves together? Why not grow with one another instead of grow separately, then have to adjust? Bailey, one of the greatest things for our relationship (in my opinion) will be getting to grow up in these things together! Moving into adulthood with a wife with whom I can learn finances, managing a household, selflessness, encouragement, forgiveness and handling conflict will be one of the greatest relationship strengtheners there is.

Bailey, I know I’m not perfect and I’m confident you’ll realize this more and more as we go into marriage! I pray that as your husband, I can learn to serve you and give myself to you as Christ has done for the church. When I hurt you, tell me. When I fail, forgive me. When I’m discouraged, uplift me. When I lose track of the goal, point me back to Christ. That’s what I ask. 

When I say those words this afternoon, I fully intend to hold to those promises by the grace of God. To have and to hold you from this day forward when it’s easy to love you and when it’s not. For better or for worse, when our apartment is a mess or when life doesn’t give up on beating on us. When there’s family issues and health issues. For richer or for poorer, when we don’t make much and have to pay for tuition and bills at the same time. In sickness and in health, when you feel great or poorly like you might when you get your wisdom teeth removed. To love and cherish you till death do us part.

Bailey, I didn’t say I love you until we got engaged because I don’t want those words to be thrown around without meaning. I wanted to ENSURE that my heart was in it and that I fully believed what I said. I wanted there to be commitment in it. I wanted substance to it. Good health will not always be a thing we have so if/when that happens, I wanted my commitment to you to hold up especially when it’s tough. And by God’s grace, I will lead you in this! 

I love you Bailey. It has been over 5 and a half years I have known you and 911 days that I have dated you. And I can’t wait to marry you in a few short hours. 🙂

Your almost-husband,


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